11th Standard Online Admission, Pune/PCMC Region
Year 2016-2017
Frequently asked questions and their Answers
1.What is this on-line admission process?
Ans.Instead of visiting many junior colleges to fill up the form of each college physically, filling up only one form with preferences of many junior colleges and submitting it online from a computer with internet facility and thereby securing admission in a junior college as per merit, is the online admission process.
2. Who is going to conduct the on-line admission procedure?
Ans.The Deputy Director of Education, Pune region, with the technical support of MKCL, will conduct the on-line admissions.
3. Where will the students get assistance for the on-line procedure?
Ans.The Head Master, Class Teachers and the staff of the school from where the student has passed his std. X examination or the guidance centers established in each zone will provide guidance to the students.
4. Is the student required to fill and submit admission form in every Junior college that he/she wishes to apply?
Ans. No. The student is expected to fill only one form in which he can give college preferences as per his / her choice.
5. Where will the facility for filling up the On-line application form be made available?
Ans. A student can fill up the online form from his/ her own school from where he/she has passed std. X exam. or his/her house or from anywhere else where computer with internet and printing facility is available.
6.Once the form is filled on-line and two print outs are taken, does it mean that the online procedure is complete?
Ans. No. The student must check the information filled up in the online form. He/she must ensure he/she possesses the required certificates. In case of any error or shortcomings, the student must contact the guidance center.
7. Will the student get admission to the college on the basis of his preferences mentioned in the option form?
Ans.7 A student will be allocated a seat in the college of his preference on the basis of his/her marks and the availability of seats in the concerned college. In case, his/her name does not appear in the college that was his first choice then, on the basis of the availability of the seats, the second preference will be considered and then the third and so on.
8. Does the student need to fill up a separate form for separate streams?
Ans. No. A student has to fill only one form, for atleast one or maximum two streams from Arts, Science and Commerce.
9. Will the student get subjects of his/her choice?
Ans.The Online process will only allot a seat in a faculty of a Jr. College. The optional subjects will be allocated by the Principals of Junior colleges, subject to merit and availability.
10. In case a student has not secured enough marks, can he/she get admission to a college of his/her choice?
Ans. Admission will be on the basis of merit and preferences given by the student. If the student’s name appears in the merit list of a college of his choice, then only can he/she get admitted to that college.
11. Will the merit list be college-wise? Will there be one merit list for PMC & PCMC?
Ans. All merit lists will be college-wise. A single merit list will be generated for the entire PMC & PCMC.
12. How many seats have been reserved for the Managements of Junior colleges?
Ans. 5% seats are reserved as management quota.
13. Is it necessary for those students to apply on-line who wish to seek admission under the Management/ In-House / Minority quota?
Ans. Yes it is compulsory for those students to apply on-line. In case management/In House / Minority seat has been denied to the student, he/ she will not be out of the admission procedure and will still be considered for admission on the basis of his/her merit and preferences mentioned in his/her online application form.
14. Will the merit list be published by the respective colleges on their premises?
Ans. Yes. Every college will display their respective merit lists from time to time. The merit list will also be available on the Website announced by MKCL. In addition, to help the students, MKCL will attempt to intimate a student by sms on his/her cell, on the cell number provided by the student in his/her online application form. The student must understand that, in case he/she does not receive sms, it is the student’s responsibility to check the allotment by using his/her login ID and password or by checking the merit lists on the website or in colleges.
15. Will the college management demand separate forms to be filled in for admission, under management quota?
Ans. All decisions regarding admissions under the management quota are at the discretion of the respective management.
16. Will constitutional and special reservations be followed?
Ans. Yes. All constitutional and special reservations will be followed.
17. Will the students applying under constitutional and special reservations be allowed to apply in the Open category?
Ans. Yes. All students applying under constitutional and special reservations will also be allowed to apply in the Open category.
18. In case a student is unable to apply before the last date of application due to technical failure at the on line center, will the time period for applying be extended?
Ans. In case of such technical failure, the student is expected to contact the guidance Center of his/her area and appropriate guidance will be offered to him/her. In case of any emergency, the concerned authority will take appropriate decision.
19. Who is authorized to admit students to the Minority institutions (linguistic and religious) under minority quota?
Ans. 50% seats are reserved for admissions to students belonging to the linguistic or religious minority, under Minority Quota. These admissions will be processed by the respective managements.
20. Who will admit a student, after his/her name appears in the merit list?
Ans. The Principals of the respective Jr. colleges will admit the students, as per the procedure of the college and according to the merit list published. The student is expected to produce his/her original certificates and pay the prescribed fee of the junior college at the time of admission.
21. Can a Junior college refuse admission to a student whose name has appeared in the merit list? What should a student do in case he/she is refused admission?
Ans. No. A Junior college cannot refuse admission to a student whose name has appeared in the merit list, provided the student approaches the Jr. College within the prescribed time limit. However, admission is subject to authenticity of original documents and payment of necessary fees. In case of any refusal, the student can approach the guidance Centre of his/her area.
22. Will there be only one round of admission?
Ans. No. There will be more than one round of admissions.
23. Will the cut-off marks of last year be available college-wise?
Ans. Yes. All the information is available in the information booklet.
24. Are the Government reservations under Sports, Cultural, Ex-Serviceman, Handicapped going to be followed and what is the percentage?
Ans. Yes. All such reservations will be followed. The details are provided in the information booklet.
25. Is there any in-house quota for students coming from schools run by the same management?
Ans. 20% seats are reserved for the in-house students.
26. Due to technical reason my school area has been PMC & PCMC whereas it should be O (PMC & PCMC) so please do the needful thing as soon as possible how am I suppose to change it?
Ans. Selection of PMC & PCMC, O (PMC & PCMC) and OMS is to be done by applicant only & before locking data we are asking applicant to check for correctness of data. Now you can visit your school Principal & get your application form 'Reset'. After resetting the application form, you have to fill online application form again with your application ID & password given in information booklet.
27. What is my password? Did it change?
Ans. During first login on website, you have to use application ID & password given in your information booklet. After entering this application ID & password, software will ask to change your password & also asks you for security questions & answers for retrieving your password in case you forgot your password. You are also requested to take print out of new password & security question for your records & also preserve it in secured place.
28. What's the difference between science general and science bifocal and which subjects are included in either of these streams?
Ans. Difference between Bi-focal & General stream is, in Bi-focal you are applying the particular stream ( either Science or Commerce) with technical subjects & in general stream (Science, Commerce & Arts) you are applying for non-technical subjects.
29. Can I enter my seat no. and board name in the application form to check my information (seat no, name, school etc) before the online process?
Ans. While filling up online application form, If you are PMC & PCMC, SSC Board fresher candidate then your information will be displayed after selecting Board name & entering seat no.. If you have any grievance about the information displayed, then you can send request for Grievance in online system only & same has to get modified by School Principal after verifying your documents.